Sunday, October 30, 2011

thought for the day.

"Never count success by money gained. That is not the mind of My kingdom. Your success is the measure of my will and mind that you have revealed to those around you. Your success in the measure of my Will that those around you have seen worked out in your life."  A.J. Russell

Friday, October 21, 2011

October Update

It is certainly time for an update. Life is super busy right now but I'm actually enjoying being in fast motion again. Now being so busy, I feel like I am back in college trying to juggle "it all" like I once did, work, studying, social life, etc. It's kind of nice to have that face past  routine and purpose that forces me to stay on a disciplined schedule. I naturally am not disciplined which is in part why I worked and tried to train for half-marathons and other fun running events in order to increase my level of discipline, which always made me a better student. Strange to some, but that works for me. When I got out of school, I just wanted to be fat and lazy and totally undisciplined because I had been for 6 and a half years non-stop in order to get through college. And well, for now I am back at it.
I am still working full-time...but the last 3 weeks have been doing half days at my facility and then half days at another facility that does not have a speech therapist right now. I just started treating a patient at the local hospital every evening after I get back from work (I work about 45 minutes from my home). On top of that I am taking on online course (12 hours long) that is the prerequisite for an onsite course to become certified in Vital Stim (a tx intervention that will be great for my resume at some point). So I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Also have started an 8 week bible study that is so good. I am really enjoying being in fellowship with other believers and especially women. I am so excited to draw close to God in this season of my life and am enjoying his presence. I have spent the last few years doing my own thing and a distant God, that now it is so good to be with my old "friend" again.

Another bonus is that I think my gain weight diet is working. Last time I went to the Dr. a few weeks ago (for yet another sinus infection) I had gained 5 lbs, and my pants continue to get tighter :) Also, we found out that our house had mold and asbeto in it. so we had to move out for a week while it got cleaned out...but that may have been the cause of my ongoing sinus infections because I am highly allergic to mold/dust, etc.

Here is a recent video (a month/two ago) of caleb :) I taught him some signature dance moves...AKA "the sprinkler"

Me and Brandea and baby Caleb at the fair

The boys Andrew (L) and Peter (R). At the fair...