Sunday, December 30, 2012


One more year. Just one more year until I'm 30. How did that happen? Sometimes I think I should have been doing something else by now...but what? Seriously, I'm happy and I'm who I always wanted to be. I've always wanted to be single for awhile, work, travel, and have time to contemplate life and have the flexibility to do what I want. Done. There is not a time span in my last 10 years that I would take back, exchange, regret, or have done anything differently in. God has been faithful and good to me. He continues to demonstrate his devotion as a father and allow opportunities shower me with love and forgiveness in difficult situations. I have always said that I didn't see myself getting married until I was at least 30. Well I'm almost there and I continue to not have regrets about this statement. I think I've needed this time to even consider marriage and kids and what all that really means. It's been really good for me to live with my sister and Charles and witness what marriage actually looks like. Growing up I lived with my single mother basically and did not know about marriage, just that I was afraid of it...all this time I've been so afraid. Now I have lived and breathed it and I know that it would be a good thing for me. Now  I know what it means to raise's hard work, but worth it, so worth it. Had I not had this time living in Warm Springs with my sister , brother-in-law and nephews, I would still be out there somewhere...afraid of a future, afraid of a legacy, and redemption for portions of my heart and relationships still looming in the margins. I'm not afraid, in fact I yearn.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

My sister and her husband have started the tradition of having a birthday party for Jesus. It's usually on Christmas Eve and we all have to offer 1 gift to Jesus either through donating money (this year the kids emptied there wallets to buy other children balls), through service, etc. This year I wrote a poem to thank Him for all he has done in my life this year. Enjoy!

Poem To Jesus:

A poem I have written to our Lord Jesus to say
we are excited to celebrate your birth tomorrow day.

As your birthday falls at the end of a calendar year
I would like to say thank you for getting me here

It's been a good year, one I will remember
You've drawn me closer to you since last December

I've spent time learning about marriage and raising a family
thanks to these precious little lambs and charles and brandea

You found me a good doctor who nursed me health
and now instead of wheat, there's Gluten-Free on my shelf

You sent me to England, Italy, The Netherlands, and France
and I learned important lessons there- like for instance....Italian men cannot dance!

I've enjoyed your many blessings. spending time with friends and in travel
without this wonderful break, I might have come unraveled

I am so blessed to get the chance to laugh and play
with my amazing, awesome, supercool nephews that I get to see every day

You've blessed me with a wonderful family who loves me and cares
I know it's not by chance that I was placed with them here.

Thank you baby Jesus for giving us hope on this day
and for sharing your birthday party with us in this very special way