Friday, August 17, 2012

An adult tea party

I had the most random night but was just what I needed. My friend Jenny invited me to a TEA PARTY tonight (right up my alley). It's basically like a Thirty-One party or Tupperware  party but instead you buy was so much fun and the lady actually had these heart tea cups i almost bought on guilt group but they ran out before i got to them, i think she probably bought them first...anyways...The girl, Alexandra, who is hosting the party is a new friend to jenny and she has been wanting me to meet her because she thinks we would get along. Long story short I had the best time drinking tea with all these random people. Afterwards, we all sat out on the porch talking , drinking Sherrie, eating fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, watermelon and had the best time. The girl who hosted is married and lives with her parents. They are all Russian. Literally moved here in 1998 and speak wonderful english. I enjoyed listening to the mother who always needed to someone to translate a word here or there in between her passionate stories about her motherland. The best part of the evening was that they all love speech therapists! It was so nice to be around such encouragement at this time when my last day of work is just around the corner and I am really struggling to be inspired to the next steps in my career and floundering for what I am passionate about as a speech therapist.  It turns out Alexandra's dad had some medical issues fairly recently and was in a coma for 3 days and had to re-learn how to speak English and walk, etc, and they are all very familiar with rehab therapists and the role we play in helping people get back to their previous level of funtion after such a traumatic event. He truly is a miracle and has made such a remarkable recovery. I loved that he had a joke to tell about everything, and he managed to translate these jokes over so well with his thick russian accent. At the end of the evening he gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and said "I love the speech therapists. You are wonderful people. And Thank you," and it was very touching. His whole family was that way and it was so refreshing to feel like I can be in a job where I could make a difference. All though, on a daily basis I lose hope of that more and more in my current position. This was simply a nice way to celebrate the weekend before I leave on my trip to Europe, clear my mind, and attempt to start the next journey in speech therapy, whatever that may be. God always know just what we need =)

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