Monday, January 21, 2013

Impartations and Goodbyes

I have spent the last two weeks saying my goodbyes. My sister has treated me to special "going away parties" with different friend groups and special treats. My brother-in-law gave me a blessing and the family layed hands on me to pray as a ceremonial closing on this season in my life. I am thankful to have a spiritual male in my life who took the time to give me the blessings of a "father" that I would never receive from my own earthly father. He said the God is pleased with me and that I make Him smile; Also he thanked me for being a witness to his children and family and for my ministry to them and that he is very proud of who I am and have become in the last three years. It was very sweet and a nice note to end on.
 I have spent the last two days packing all of my belongings and tying up loose ends. Tonight monja came over and we had yet another and the last of our girl's nights with a movie, gf cookies, and dinner and then she helped me pack. She just left around 1am. We talked about all of our boys (she is our family friend and baby sitter who loves the boys dearly) and we both cried intermittently. She was hard to say goodbye to and somehow I was not expecting that. But I think in part its because she also shares my love for the children unlike anyone else besides brandea and charles and so she knows how hard this is going to be for all of us.
I am so glad to have spent the last 3 years here with my family and my nephews. I hope that I have left a deep impression on Andrew and Peter (the oldest of my nephews) in the way I have conducted myself with them in patience, kindness and love, in forgiveness, and grace. I hope they will always dance unabashed with pure joy and with out inhibition. I hope they will always enjoy sneaking up on each other for the shear fun of "scaring" their brothers and to be "scared." I hope they continue to use their imaginations, and are at times silly and fun loving in play and their interactions with each other. I hope they will love listening to music, singing, and can always hear the joy in song that God gives us every day. I hope they know that God is their trusted friend who loves them and is someone that they can talk to whenever loneliness or doubt overwhelms them.  I hope they enjoy and desire to worship and sing to their God. I hope they always know they can trust me and count on me to follow through on my promises. These are things I hope I have imparted

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