Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My goal for weight gain to 110 lbs. I have not been over 105 in 3-5 years and this week and reached 106 and holding!!! I have not been this elated in a long time over such a silly thing (to some)...but am so ecstatic because it means my dietary changes (going gluten free) are really working. It has been a great witness to my family that my health has changed and they all want to go to Progressive medical to get all their various symptoms treated. That is also why I am so excited because it just goes to show that the medical intervention and guidance I am receiving is the real thing! Only 4 more lbs to my goal! And then I will probably try to reach 115 lbs since that is norm for someone of my height (I think);
Today is my last full day in warm springs. I have had many tears while packing and saying goodbyes and watched many episodes of Gilmore Girls to get me through it. This place has been a unique and special experience, kind of like my own Stars Hollow really...I'm sad to say goodbye, but now I am excited and ready to start the next adventure. I think it is so awesome that I get to do things like this with God...to just trust in Him for the next day and provision. I want this excitement for everyone. I feel like I'm right in the midst of the journey and want to soak in every moment of it with Him. Tonight I spent some time just praising God for all the blessings and healing that he has provided in the last three years...Although at times things were difficult, Warm Springs has been my "spring" on the journey to Bacca =) I never thought I would love this place so much and all of its people. When I had lunch with a teen girl from church today I was so thankful that God has placed me to be a part of her life and can't believe how much he has blessed me through his provision of supernatural love for this girl and all the teen girls I try to mentor as best I can at church. I never knew how much I needed them...and it's like that with all the things I have become a part of here. God has given me a cup that overflows and a fullness in my life in the last 2 years in a slow and steady way. I had been so empty before that and without even a longing to desire god's gifts because of the relationship I had previously been in. And just like that...God redeemed me. Although it was a painful thing at the time, I cannot express how thankful I am for God's gifts and second chances now...I can't wait to see what He has for me next!

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